For ages 14 and up.  Taught by Black Belt, guest instructor, Corey Terkelson. He started martial arts in 1994.  He is a black belt in Kung Fu.  Corey started jiujitsu in 2000 under rich layton / Pedro . Then started training under Justin Ellison and the Walt Bayless combat jiujitsu system.  Corey spent 8 yrs training under MMA lengend Jeremy Horn.  He got his black belt from justin in 2013 and then one from Walt Bayless him self in 2014 . He's trained many Utah MMA fighters like Pat Reeves, Cody Udy, Chris lee and trained with Lucus Montoya, and Dave Castillo.

Space is limited!

Current DMA student price:  $45.00/person. (must call to receive pricing).

Pre-Register by April 26, 2017 and pay:  $50.00/person.

After April 26, 2017.  Cost is:  $65.00/person


10 AM-1PM


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Learn to defend against knives and guns!
This event is FREE for women and girls ages 13 and up!
Our self-defense system is quick to learn and not complicated. This seminar will be taught by Head Instructor Heather Braegger who has over 13 years of martial arts experience. Learn what is taught to the FBI, CIA and over 13 government agencies!

Self-Defense, Fighting, and Fitness.

At Defiance Martial Arts located in Brigham City, UT, we are dedicated to the best martial arts instruction.  We teach a combined curriculum of:  Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate, and so much more!  Our instructors keep current with their training and we can't wait to welcome you into our martial arts family!  

What an amazing honor training our men and women in uniform!  

Contact us at:  435-695-3278 to schedule training seminars for Military and Law Enforcement Officers Only.


Both are needed to become a phenomenal fighter.  We train in both.  Why?  Both are needed to build skill and a warrior's spirit.  You will be able to compete in:  Boxing, Grapping Tournaments, Kickboxing, and MMA!  Join our Defiance Fight Team! 


  Ready to take the next step? Ready to learn what Seal Team 6, FBI, DEA, and 13 other government agencies are learning for self defense.  We don't mess around with self-defense, you shouldn't either.