No "Katas" or Rituals.  

We bow into class, and that's it.  Adults don't want to learn "Katas"  (A Kata is a traditional form, think of Karate or Kung Fu). Traditional Katas do not allow students to learn anything new, or to change it to meet certain needs.  If you are like us, you want to learn what is:

  • Practical.

  • Quick and easy to learn.

  • Highly effective.

  • And isn't going to cause injury to you.

At Defiance Martial Arts, it is possible.  We teach Modern Day Martial Arts.  You will not be limited to only ONE type of class instruction, but multiple martial arts systems.  This is how the best of the best train.   

 Adult Kickboxing Class!

Adult Kickboxing Class!


Self-Defense – This being the most important set of skills and abilities of all, because it could potentially save your life, and your loved ones.  Learn what our special forces such as:  Seal Team 6, FBI, DEA, and 13 other government agencies are learning for self defense.  We are dedicated to helping you develop mentally and physically, so you can defend yourself and loved ones if the desperate need ever arises.  Learn up-to date Self-Defense, (No Katas here), with Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do. 

Kali - this is our knife and stick fighting curriculum.  You will learn how to defend against a blade and how to use one very efficiently.

Sport Fighting is added to show our students that in an actual comabtive situation, you will get hit, and you need to learn how to handle youself in this situation.

  1. Grappling - Your ground game will improve immensely when you learn key Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and Judo submission grappling techniques. You learn will ground defense and offense from beginner to advance.

  2. Striking - You are going to love our KickBoxing classes! Kickboxing and Boxing skills routinely come into play during UFC bouts; you are going to get amazing skills, if you dedicate yourself to training at Defiance Martial Arts. (Sparring is optional).

  3. MMA – Learn what the top UFC fighters do, by learning a combined curriculum of: Kickboxing, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and Judo; you will be able to defend yourself and learn effective take downs! (Sparring is optional).

  4. We offer a special tuition program specifically for Adults who want to compete in MMA fights, ask us how we can help you today.

Fitness is imperative, all of our classes focus on this so you are getting in great shape while you are training.   At Defiance Martial Arts we are all about having an amazing time and incorporate fitness education into every class.

  1. Conditioning

  2. Flexibility

  3. Aerobic Exercise

  4. Anaerobic Exercise

  5. Strength Training

  6. A Lot of Fun!

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  • This program is Group Classes (We offer private lessons).

  • You will learn in a beginner friendly environment.

  • You will learn beginner and advance techniques in each class.

  • We will work with you to help you increase your strength.

  • Get in the best shape of your life (condition yourself like MMA fighters).

  • You WILL lose weight.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Get help with nutitrion and eating at Defiance Martial Arts!   We are helping you develop more than just amazing self-defense skills.  We are dedicating ourselves to your life goals.  Our students are always amazed by the results they see within such a short period of time.  

Here is one student who had amazing results!

In one year, I lost almost 20 lbs, and was able to reduce the medication I was taking. These classes will make you sweat!
— Brian M. - Email testimonial.

Our Instructors Are AMAZING

Codie and Heather Braegger, are highly trained, educated, skilled and professional.  We want to succeed and have fun doing it!  We know you want classes that are challenging and you have goals to meet.  Our instructors stay up-to-date on the latest martial art techniques, teaching methods, fitness, nutrition and exercise knowledge.  You will learn the best martial arts around!

At Defiance Martial Arts of Brigham City, Utah, you will enhance yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our students typically see results within just a few weeks!

There is no need to wait!  Get into the best shape of your life and reach your goals!  Contact us today; we look forward to serving you!

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Don’t ‘gamble’, you gamble when you are taught only ONE system for self-defense, or sport fighting. You wouldn’t roll the dice and hope that you get an opponent who isn’t skilled in the Octagon, or in a street defense situation, hope your would be assailant doesn’t have a weapon.”
-Head Instructor Codie