Common Myths About Women and Self-Defense.

Womens Rape Prevention and Self Defense

By:  Head Instructor, Heather Braegger.

What You Need to Know About Rape Prevention and Self Defense…

  1. Rape is NOT a crime of passion.  The attacker(s) want complete power and control over their victims and do not care how they get it.
  2. 85% of all sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows.  According to FBI statistics, this includes:  associates, relatives, and friends.
  3. According to FBI statistics 86% of women who fight back get away UNHARMED!

Common Myths about Women and Self Defense…

  1. Men are stronger than women, and a woman cannot defend herself against a man.
    • WRONG!  Men are physically stronger that is true, but a woman who has been trained to defend with attacks that are:  explosive, aggressive and attack vital areas will get away.  Why?  Because an attacker wants a “silent” victim, not one who refuses to be victimized and will fight back.
  2. Women don’t need to train in self-defense.
    • Ask yourself this, if you have never driven a car before, and you needed to when your life depended on it, could you?  The answer is “no”.  Just like driving a car becomes habit, so will self-defense techniques, but they must be practiced on a regular basis.
  3. The news says that women should be compliant with an attacker, so I shouldn’t fight back.
    • WRONG!  When confronted by an assailant it is best to attack aggressively and without mercy.  Remember, they do not care if they hurt you, or if you have children at home.  If they did, they would not be trying to assault you.
  4. No one should fight back against an attacker with a weapon, you could get hurt.
    • Ask yourself this, what will happen to you if you don’t fight back?  Learning how to defend yourself against weapons (knives and guns) is crucial to fighting off an assailant.  Remember the FBI statistic of 86% of women who fight back get away unharmed, (this includes when they are attacked with weapons)!

Remember: the most crucial part of self-defense training, is just that. Training.  If you do not train, you will not know how to defend yourself.

Heather Braegger