Unlike other sports, we focus on building your child up to achieve high self esteem, a positive outlook, self discipline, a spirit of constant improvement, and an attitude that refuses to give up!  This is done by teaching and involving them, showing them they “can do it”!  Our positive reinforcement will keep them motivated and the most important attribute, to never give up on themselves!



  • Courtesy

  • Patience

  • Respect

  • Self Control

  • Integrity

Teaching Self-Esteem Through Self-Defense.

Our children’s self-defense system is known as the E.T.G.S. (Escape To Gain Safety) and is logical, effective and simple to learn.  We hope that our students will never need to use the skills we teach, but they will have the confidence to protect themselves if the situation ever arises.  Classes are divided by age to provide the best possible match of teaching style to student needs.  All of our kids are winners!  They will advance at their own pace to develop their present capabilities and become their personal best!

Your Child will learn an amazing range of martial arts styles

Karate - teaches children self control and focus.  They will learn traditional Katas and can compete in tournaments if desired.  Students will also learn traditional weapons.

Kickboxing - teaches children sparring and allows them to practice their self defense skills in a safe, training environment.

Bully-Prevention - we teach our students how to handle bullies, and how, only as a last resort, to use their martial arts to defend themselves.  

Jiu-Jitsu - teaches ground control and grappling skills.  Students can compete at NAGA or other grappling tournaments.

Read real testimonials (from our Facebook Page) from actual students and their parents!

My KIDDOS Love This!
— Teresa A. - Defiance Martial Arts Facebook Page.

All of our classes include

  • Flexibility

  • Cardio and resistance training

  • Practical, age appropriate self-defense tactics

  • Character Building

  • Excitement and Fun, Fun, Fun

  • Bully Buster Program

By building our students up physically, mentally and emotionally, they will not only get help with their bully problems, but will also not become a “bully” themselves.  By building their self-confidence your child will be able to overcome so much by learning there is a time and place to say, “no”.  That bullying is not okay or acceptable.

Our Instructors are AMAZING!

Codie and Heather Braegger, are highly trained, educated, skilled and professional.  We want your child to succeed and have fun doing it!  As parents ourselves, we understand that children need to build self-confidence at an early age, and we are skilled in character building, allowing your child to reach their full potential.  Our instructors stay up-to-date on the latest martial art techniques, teaching methods, fitness, nutrition and exercise knowledge.  Your child will learn correct self-defense tactics, in a safe and proper way.

Let us help your child:

  • Develop Self Confidence and an “I Can Do It” attitude

  • Transform them into a polite and caring person

  • Learn how to protect themselves from predators and bullies

  • Become a leader through community involvement and academic achievement

  • Have them become better listeners at home by learning respect

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It’s time for your child to enjoy martial arts, karate, physical fitness, self-defense and learning life skills to become tomorrow’s leaders all by having FUN!  Get them on the right path,

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